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MEDIAGE PR EA Ltd is a Public Relations (PR) and Media Consultancy company specializing in Strategic Communication Planning and Execution for private and public companies.

At MEDIAGE, we offer a comprehensive and wide range of PR and media communications services to develop effective partnerships and/or relationships between our clients and their customers, and to set you apart from your competitors.


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This is the age of rapid technological execution plans agreed on. advancement, our habits and lifestyles are changing everyday influenced by innovations in almost every sphere of our lives. Everything moves fast, it’s hard to tell or
recognize what’s new in the market. It’s harder today to make a choice
with almost similar products in the market. In this clutter and dizzying
array of choices;

1. How do you differentiate your product(s) and or service(s) to stand out for the discerning consumer/customer?
2. How does your brand make its character statement which is unique or different from others?
3. How do you consistently reassure your customers that you are the best in the market?
4. How do you select media channels to effectively communicate your unique brand proposition?

Why Mediage?

MEDIAGE PR will help you navigate through the clutter to identify your target audience, understand their unique characteristics and craft appropriate messages for your audience.

MEDIAGE PR will help you select the most appropriate communication channels to deliver the messages and also develop an effective media monitoring and relations plan to ensure you get maximum benefit from your media investment.

MEDIAGE PR will help you design media activities that protect and enhance your brand equity; as well as design crisis management plans that will mitigate adverse situations that may erode your brand value.

MEDIAGE PR will guide you in designing a comprehensive brand communication strategy and execution plan that will help protect and enhance brand equity as well as take advantage of tactical opportunities that support marketing and sales to achieve desired targets.

MEDIAGE PR will help you manage and coordinate all media activities and ensure that the desired media objectives are met according to This is the age of rapid technological execution plans agreed on.

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Emirates Airlines
Proctor and Gamble
Chartis Insurance

UAP Insurance
Hima Cement
Nakumatt Holdings
KCB Bank Uganda
MTN Uganda


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