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P.O Box 34821
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Brand management & positioning combines reputation management with the power of online promotion to improve brand visibility, awareness, and authority on the internet.

Brand management controls negative content over search results while promoting positive assets like third-party articles, client reviews, social media shares, and news coverage to put you in control of your brand reputation.

  • Repair and control your search engine results.
  • Protect your brand from online threats.
  • Express better than your local and national competition.
  • Improve ratings and reviews on effective platforms.
  • Expand your reach and online visibility.
  • Boost your bottom-line revenue.


We have over 20+ years experience in Consulting Service.

Content Creation

We present you the various topics of business consultations


Always work with premium community development impact investors.


Raising business development, and the involvement of partners.


Our corporate brand management services allow you to structure your reputation, increase visibility, and build authority in your industry. Added brand value is only one of many benefits to be had with the brand management services.

  • Pushing down negative / unwanted results and links.
  • Creating & controlling a personal /company narrative.
  • Improve your online presence.
  • Enhance awareness of the right key messaging for you / company.
  • Risk management & mitigation of any potential future crises.

Reputation Management

Tool for protecting brand equity and managing of the recovery process for the brand during and after a crisis.

Brand Positioning

Crisis Management

Dealing with sudden disruptive or unexpected negative events that threaten to harm your organization or stakeholders.

Transform with us

Since 2003, Media Age has gained knowledge and experience of every type of online reputation management solution. The teams have worked with an array of clients from many different vertical sectors around the world.

We understand that a deep-dive research approach is vital in getting to know our clients and take the time to fully immerse ourselves into your world, giving us a solid foundation to create our strategy.