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Known as BTL communications, involves direct marketing activities intending to build targeted relationships amidst the marketer and final consumer, providing ease in testing effectiveness and conversions.

BTL marketing is carried out at the micro-level, it focuses on specific groups either geographically or demographically basing on interest or a niche segment. It involves specific, catchy and direct means of communication to promote the message such as direct mail campaigns, sales promotion, public relations, text marketing, gift vouchers, telemarketing, exhibition, social media marketing, trade shows, flyer distribution, catalogues, sponsorships etc .


We have over 20+ years experience in Consulting Service.

Content Creation

We present you the various topics of business consultations


Always work with premium community development impact investors.


Raising business development, and the involvement of partners.


Enabling brands to do extraordinary things together. Our expertise enables support, connection and collaboration with colleagues and customers. Building teams, partnerships and relationships. Supporting your brand to be secure, productive & even extraordinary.

  • Pushing down negative / unwanted results and links.
  • Creating & controlling a personal /company narrative.
  • Improve your brand reputayion status.
  • Enhance awareness of the right key messaging for you / company.
  • Risk management & mitigation of any potential future crises.

Primary Focus

Role of BTL

Marketing communication helps to develop brand awareness, which means that consumers translate product information into perceptions about the product’s attributes and its position within the larger market. Businesses also use marketing communication to retain the product’s current customer base, and to cement relationships with customers and suppliers.

Key benefits of a professional reputation strategy.

Our online reputation management services are designed to elevate your brand. The Media Age team ensures customized & comprehensive reputation management to suit your business goals.

  1. Optimizing Google search results of positive assets like blogs, articles, and websites.
  2. Detecting threats against your brand before they become major crisis targets.
  3. Positioning article placements that boost your online presence & dictating their search results.
  4. Provision of crisis management strategies that contain emergencies to avoid panic.
  5. Managing, fixing & maintaining accurate business listings across search engines over the web.
  6. Attracting more qualified job candidates and improving employee productivity.
  7. Reduced marketing costs and increased ROI (Return On Investments).

Transform with us

Since 2003, Media Age has gained knowledge and experience of every type of online reputation management solution. The teams have worked with an array of clients from many different vertical sectors around the world.

We understand that a deep-dive research approach is vital in getting to know our clients and take the time to fully immerse ourselves into your world, giving us a solid foundation to create our strategy.