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Public affairs helps ensure businesses have an avenue to build relationships and communicate their point of view to relevant stakeholders, especially when it comes to the development of new policies and regulations.

When You Need Us
  • A business is subject to or affected by new or existing policies that could or have negatively affected a business.
  • A business is expanding into new countries where the rules, regulations, or public opinions may differ and local expertise or stakeholder engagement is needed.
  • A business is looking to build relationships or work with governmental bodies and needs assistance navigating processes and establishing relationships.

A public affairs professional may be engaged in a variety of activities including

Marketing Campaigns Designing

Lobbying on specific policies or legislation

Press Releases Drafting

Providing information to stakeholders directly or through media engagement


Monitoring political activity and information

Crisis Management


Social Media


Marketing Research


What's Public Affairs

Engagement between businesses or organisations and the public (namely government bodies).

Public Affairs Vs Public Relations

Key of Public Affairs

Similar to public relations, strategic communication is at the heart of public affairs.

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Since 2003, Media Age has gained knowledge and experience of every type of online reputation management solution. The teams have worked with an array of clients from many different vertical sectors around the world.

We understand that a deep-dive research approach is vital in getting to know our clients and take the time to fully immerse ourselves into your world, giving us a solid foundation to create our strategy.